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Gilead Sciences and University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Collaborate to Develop Future Leaders in Pharmacometrics

New two-year postdoctoral fellowship will provide hands-on technical training, unique drug development experiences, and supervised research projects.

By Joga Gobburu and Ahmed Othman
August 20, 2021

The LEAP initiative of the Center for Translational Medicine (CTM) at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP) is to establish an environment conducive to personal growth and scientific development in pursuit of developing leaders for the advancement of clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics. Gilead’s Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics department is committed to advancing the science in the fields of clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics and to developing and training the next generation scientific and strategic leaders. Together, Gilead and CTM are collaborating to create a unique two-year, postdoctoral fellowship program.

The mission of the Gilead and UMSOP partnership is to develop high quality scientists with leadership skills that can have flourishing careers in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry and who will spearhead advancements in the field. The Gilead and UMSOP postdoctoral fellowship will provide an innovative educational and research experience for PharmDs and PhDs. The program will foster an environment conducive to intellectual growth and scientific development through the provision of hands-on technical training, unique drug development experiences, and supervised research projects. The program aims to develop clinical pharmacologists and pharmacometricians who are interested in pursuing a career in clinical drug development. It will allow trainees to gain in-depth experience with different existing and newly developed pharmacometrics software, such as Pumas™, to extend the analytics capabilities in the field beyond current tools.

“At Gilead, we strongly believe in training, developing, and investing in the early careers of scientists to help shape the advancements of the future and bring transformative medicines to patients,” said Dr. Ahmed Othman, executive director of clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics at Gilead and the fellowship program director. “To that end, we are very excited to collaborate with UMSOP on this joint Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics fellowship program, which will harness the training and real-world drug development expertise of both of our institutions in order to create a pipeline of talent that will serve the scientific field and future patient needs.”

“We at CTM are pleased to collaborate with an innovative pharmaceutical company such as Gilead to prepare future clinical pharmacologists aspiring to work in drug development,” said Joga Gobburu, PhD, professor of pharmacy practice and science at UMSOP and director of the Center for Translational Medicine. “It’s invaluable for the trainee to get the best of both worlds – academic training and hands-on development training.”

If you are interested in applying to the Gilead and UMSOP Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics fellowship, please send an email with your CV to Joga Gobburu at

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